Suoxi Valley Nature Reserve

Located in the northeastern part of the Wulingyuan Scenic Zone in Zhangjiajie, Suoxi Valley Nature Reserve is the largest of the four zones (three other spots are the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, the Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve, and the Yangjiajie Scenic Area). It covers an area of more than 180 square kilometers. A stream flows through the mountain gully; and many high peaks in various forms on both sides of gully shrouded in drifting mist look like a group of nature sculptures.

Zhangjiajie Suoxi Valley Nature Reserve

Unlike the solitary stone monoliths of Zhangjiajie, the mountains of Suoxiyu stretch out one after another, like an unfolding scroll of a Chinese painting. However, in the east, there is a collection of caves, for example, Yellow Dragon Cave and Goddess Cave. These are caves made of limestone.

Suoxiyu Valley Zhangjiajie China

In terms of rare animals, Suoxi Valley boasts more than 20 species, such as leopards, pangolins, and giant salamanders. There are more than 20 groups of rhesus monkeys with their total number reaching to 1,000. According to scientific statistics, trees here have 93 families, 208 genus, and 679 species in all. Among them, those that are under national special protection reach to 19 species. Wild medicinal herbs are extraordinarily rich. There are 500 species in all.

Suoxi Valley, Zhangjiajie National Park

Besides the rock formations and beautiful rivers and streams, a distinct feature of Suoxiyu is its bridges and caves. Constructed on cliffs, the bridges are noted for their risky location. Most of them were built by hand of blocks of rocks chiseled to dovetail perfectly together. The limestone caves create fascinating underground palaces. Altogether there are 59 of them, many full of odd and unique shaped stalactites and stalagmites.

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