Hall of Mental Cultivation (Yangxin dian)

The Hall of Mental Cultivation (Yangxin dian), or Rear Palace of the Hall of Mental Cultivation (Yangxin dian), is the venue for Qing dynasty (1644-1911) emperor to rest and repose. Now it is being exhibited in the original state.

A kang chair (hollow platform chair made of bricks and heated from below) was built in the main room. A throne was placed in the eastern secondary room; while in the western room second to the main room sit a kang chair and a large red sandalwood hanging cupboard decorated with design of dragon among clouds. The end rooms were both furnished with kang beds on which the emperor would sleep.

Five side rooms flank each side of the rear palace which was respectively named Hall for Following the Practice (Tishun tang) and Hall of Enjoying Happiness (Yanxi tang). These rooms served as temporary dwellings for empress or honorable consorts when they were summoned by emperor.
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