Best Time to Visit the Yellow Mountain

Yellow Mountain, or Huangshan (黄山) in Chinese, is one of the most famous mountains in China. At an elevation of 1,864 m, the Yellow Mountain is situated in the east of China about 450 km from Shanghai. When is the best time to visit Yellow Mountain? Different people will give you different answers, but the truth is there really isn't a best time to visit because the mountain has so much to offer in different ways at different times of the year.


The spring season of the Yellow Mountain is from March to May. Its weather is very comfortable. In April the average temperature in the mountain is around 10 C. With flowers blooming, streams gurgling, hills turning green and spring wind breezing, the mountains present different colors and fragrance. You can see the sunrise on the top of the mountain in the morning. It is mostly rainy, misty and cloudy in this season, so take umbrella or raincoat. Pack shirts, sweaters and overcoats because temperatures are lower as you climb up higher altitudes. Wearing layers that could easily be taken on and off are convenient when you climb or hike on the mountain.


The summer time of the Yellow Mountain is from June to August. It's a great escape from the scorching Chinese summer heat. Skies are clear and from the top of the mountain, you can see right down to the bottom. All the paths and all parts of the mountain are open to visitors. You can get to meet lots of great people from all around the world. At this season, you're unlikely to see the famous and beautiful sea of clouds, but you can enjoy spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Hotels, admission tickets, food etc. are more expensive. Too many tourists come to visit the Yellow Mountain in summer, you will meet the long queues in the cable car stations.


The climate is most comfortable and the scenery is stunningly beautiful in autumn. Yellow Mountain is one of the best places to enjoy autumn foliage in China, looking down on the deciduous trees of the ravines and valleys. The pines of course retain their verdant needles. The first week of October is another high season, being a national holiday, so Mount Huangshan is more crowded and it costs a bit more to travel and stay at hotels. Prepare shirts, sweaters and overcoat for the season.


Winter of the Yellow Mountain is December, January and February. It is the best time for viewing the Sea of Clouds and the snow covered scenery with trees covered in ice is beautiful. You can get to see the sea of clouds. Very few tourists visit the mountain, so the mountainside is much less crowded and it is much cheaper to travel.

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