Huangshan Fact Sheet

Huangshan in Chinese Pinyin: Huángshān

Huangshan in simple Chinese: 黄山


Huangshan is located in the southeastern China and at southernmost part of Anhui Province.

Area: 9807 square kilometers

Coordinates: 29°42'N, 118°18'E

Population: 1.359 million (2010)

Area Code: 0559

Zip Code: 245000

City Flower: Cuckoo

City Tree: Pinus taiwanensis

Language: Huangshan Dialect

Main Rivers: Xin’an River, Qingge River

Administrative Divisions

Huangshan administers 3 districts and 4 counties:

◎3 Districts

Tunxi District, Huangshan District and Huizhou District.

◎4 Counties

She County, Xiuning County, Yi County and Qimen County.



Huangshan Tunxi International Airport


Huangshan Railway Station


Huangshan City Bus station

Tourist Attractions

The Yellow Mountain, Xidi Village, Hongcun Village, Chengkan Ancient Village, Huashan Mysterious Grottos, Tunxi Old Street, etc.


Huangshan College

Huangshan Vocational Technical College


The climate in Huangshan is subtropical monsoon climate, its annual average temperature is 7.8℃. Highest temperature: 27℃, lowest temperature: -22℃.

Sister Cities

Lijiang, Zhangjiajie, Daegu, Cape Town and Interlochen Ken.

Folk Culture

The victory of drum (a kind of dance), Human pyramid, Play Zhongkui (a kind of dance) and Huizhou marriage.

Special Local Products

Huangshan Maofeng Tea, Keemun Black Tea, Taiping Monkey Chief Tea, Tunxi Green Tea, Wild Ganoderma, Wild White Fungus, Wild Kiwi, ink-slab etc.


Mao Tofu, Soy Braise Mandarin Fish, Clouds meat, Crab Shells Yellow Baked Wheat Cake, Wucheng Dried Bean Curd, etc.

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