What to Pack for a Trip to Huangshan

Having surveyed our travel guides, our travel consultants, and the locals in Huangshan, we know personally to bring you this information. If you have a trip to Beijing coming up, and you want to fit in, here are some useful suggestions for you.

Huangshan weather can change drastically. It can be sunny and rains suddenly a moment later. Temperature is relatively low on the mountain especially in early morning and evening, so please take some warm clothing to ensure a pleasant hike.

Please wear comfortable good shoes to ensure a smooth mountain tour. Sneakers are good enough while sturdy comfortable hiking shoes can be a better choice. No high heel shoes, if you don’t want your feet aching afterwards. If you come during winter, wear also over your shoes a pair of instep crampons specially designed to walk on ice.

Weather of the Yellow Mountain varies greatly from day to day. Storms can seem to come out of nowhere, and skies can turn sunny just as fast. Therefore, whenever you climb the mountain, it is suggested to take a raincoat. (Umbrellas are not recommended, for the wind is often strong.)  Raincoat is extremely essential. A rain jacket will protect you both from rain and wind and if you fear cold, it's always good have gloves. Sunblock screen cream can be useful when sun is strong.

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