How to Get Huangshan

Huangshan is a city of Anhui province, located in the upstream of Xin’an River. It is known for the Yellow Mountain, Qiyun Mountain, Maofeng tea, Hui culture, Hui-style buildings, and many ancient villages. You can get there by flight, train and long-distance bus.

Get In and Out

◎By Plane

Huangshan's main airport is Huangshan Airport, situated in Longfu, Tunxi District, only 7km away from downtown. It offers daily flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Hefei, Guangzhou, etc. And weekly flights to Chengdu, Chongqing, Xiamen, Shenzhen, etc.

Tips: To travel from airport to downtown can take civil aviation bus (5 Yuan) or by taxi (RMB 15).

◎By Train

Huangshan City is currently served by only one railway line, the Anhui–Jiangxi Railway. It is run through all the territory of Huangshan city, can reach Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Nanjing, Hefei, Jingdezhen, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Yingtan, Nanchang and other places directly.

Huangshan railway station is located in north road of former garden in Tunxi district. There are cars sent to the foot of the Yellow Mountain (Tangkou) before the station, every 5 minutes there is a car during the day, drive 90minutes, ticket price is more than 10RMB.

◎By Bus

Direct buses run from Shanghai and Hangzhou is very frequently. The buses from Hangzhou run either to Huangshan City (nearly two hours away) or direct to Tangkou (close to the base of the mountain). The buses to Tangkou are less regular, but easy to catch if you phone up the bus station and get a timetable. Tangkou bus station often sells most of its seats via hotels.

Huangshan City Bus station is located at Huangshan East Road. About 10 minutes away from the railway station. It takes around 9 hours to get to Shanghai from Huangshan City and about 3 hours to Hangzhou. There are direct buses from Hangzhou to Huangshan Scenic Area, which take about 3 hours 45 minutes.

Getting Around Huangshan

◎By Bus

Yellow Mountain Bus Station is located on National Route 205 at Tangkou Town, about 64 kilometers away from Huangshan City (Tunxi) Bus Station, it takes 90 minutes. People need to take a bus or taxi from Tangkou to the Ciguang (Mercy Light) Pavilion for the Jade Screen Cableway or Yungu (Cloud Valley) Temple for Yungu Cableway. Ticket price is 10RMB.

From the town of Tangkou, at the foot of the mountain, a shuttle service operates every 20 minutes to the Hot Springs Area; Yuping Cable Car and Xinyungu (New Cloud Valley) Cable Car. Tangkou is quite walkable but taxis are available to scenic spots around the foot of the mountain. You cannot go direct to the mountain entrance by taxi: only the National Express buses are allowed into the scenic area.

◎By Taxi

Taxi is also a good way to travel around. The starting fare of taxi is 5yuan, after 3km it will charge 1.5 Yuan/km. There are many human tricycles in front of the train station, general 2 Yuan/person. It is only six or seven minutes to Tunxi Old Street from the railway station by taxi.

◎By Cable Car

The Yellow Mountain has three cable car lines, running time is 8:00-16:00 (winter is 6:30 - 16:30). As the mountain is the world’s most popular mountain destination, tourists have to take 2-3hours to keep waiting in a long queue for the cable cars n the peak season.

1. Cloud Valley Cableway

It goes from Cloud Valley Temple to White Goose Hill.

2. Yuping Cableway

It goes from Mercy Light Pavilion to Jade Screen Pavilion.

3. Taiping Cableway

It goes from Furong Hill to Paiyun Pavilion.

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