Sanmen Yao Village

Samen Yao Village is considered as a living museum of Yao people, the "Samen" in its name means "three family names" in Chinese. The village has three family names: Yu, Wei and Pan, hence the name. Villagers there still keep traditional way of life of the Yao people. Their ethnic garments, Diaojiaolou (stilted buildings), customs and festivals are the valuable references to researching Yao people's history and culture.

Longsheng Sanmen Yao Village

All the villagers in Sanmen Yao Village belong to red Yao ethnic group. Their red dressings have many decorative designs, each upper outer garment with a seal of the king of the Yao people and a tiger's paw on its back side. Paying a visit to this village, you will see the Yao people's red totem pole and beautiful embroidery, enjoy folk dances and songs, be astounded by the people who climb the "knives hill" and jump into the "fire sea"!  If you visit the Yao people's family, you will be entertained with a cup of delicious "Pearl Oil Tea". This village is about 2hrs drive from Guilin, and only 10 km away from the Long Sheng Hot Springs.

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