Baimian Yao Village

Baimian (White face) Yao Village is just 6 km away from the famous Longsheng Hot Springs,it is a good place to experienc the Red Yao Minority's traditional life. The village 

has 35 families, the Yao people there still keep a simple living folkway. They live in storied wooden buildings with green tiles, men till the land and women weave cloth. They are contented with autarkic rural life. The villagers in Baimina Yao Vilalge are very kind and hospitable. Every person is good at singing folk's songs and when guests visit their home the Yao girls will wear bright-color dresses, make a pot of savory oil tea, sing folk songs, and then bring you into their special dances and traditional folk sports competitions. "Red Yao Pole" at the gateway of the village is the Yao people's worship totem. An interesting odd rock called 'Dragon's tongue' or 'Red Army Cave' is near to the Baimian Yao Village. The villagers in Baimian Yao Village perform some of their interesting traditional programs for tourists including push against the bamboo pole, carry the bride on the back, long-drum dance, and long-hair dress and make up etc.

Longsheng Baimian Yao Village

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