Ancient Zhuang Village

The Ancient Zhuang Village is located in Heping Country, at an elevation of 600 meters, the village has more than 200 families, about 1000 people. It consists of Liaojia Zhai Village, Houjia Zhai Village, Pingduan Zhai Village and Ping Zhai Village. The village features its wooden houses, stone-paved road,old stone bridge, pavilions, ancient steles, stone vats, stone rolls, the ruins of the Qing Dynasty's  barracks, the ancient village gate and the local age old customary ways of life.

 Ancient Zhuang Village Terraced Fields Longsheng

Like other minority villages in Longsheng County, the Ancient Zhuang Village is also embraced by beautiful rice terraced fields. Many photographers often flock there to snap the sunrise, sunset, sea of clouds, and frog with the awesome beautiful rice terraces. The ancient Zhuang Village is one of the 3 entrances of the Longjie Rice Terraces Scenic Area, from Ancient Zhuang Village, tourists can trek (1.5 hours) to Ping'an Village.

Longsheng Rice Terraces in Ancient Zhuang Village

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