Longsheng Rice Terraces

The rice terraced fields of Longsheng, commonly known as Longji Rice Terraces Scenic Area, are 22 km from the county seat of Longsheng, and 103 km from Guilin downtown. Covering an area of 66 square kilometers, the rice terraces are built along the slope winding from the riverside up to the mountain top, the highest part being 1,180 m in elevation while the lowest part is 300 m. The coiling line that starts from the mountain foot up to the mountain top divides the mountain into layers of water glittering in the sun in spring, layers of green rice shoots in summer, layers of golden rice in fall, and layers of silvery frost in winter.

Longsheng Rice Terraced Fields

 The Longji Rice Terraces were originally built in the Yuan Dyansty, about 650 years ago. Most of the rice terraces were built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The Longji Rice Terraces is just a general name of a scenic area, it actually consists of Longji Rice Terraces viewing area (located in the Ancient Zhuang Minority Village), Jinkeng (located in Dazhai and Tiantou Yao minority villages) Rice Terraces viewing area, Ping'an Rice Terraces viewing area (located inPing'an Zhuang Minority Village), Zhongliu Rice Terraces viewing area (located in Zhongliu Yao Minority Village), Xiaozhai Rice Terraces viewing area (located in Xiaozhai Yao Minority Village). The conventional Longji Rice Terraces usually refer to the rice terraces in Ping'an Village, where the rice terraces are the earliest rice terraces developed by the Zhuang Minority. There are three entrances to the Longji Rice Terraces, the first one is in Ancient Zhuang Village (Ancient Zhuang Minority Village), the second one is in Ping'an Village (Ping'an Zhuang Minority Village), the third one is in Dazhai Village (Dazhai Yao Village).

Longsheng Rice Terraces in October

 Longji Rice Terraces is listed as one of the top 7 breathtaking rice terraced fields in China (the other 6 are: Yuanyang Rice Terraces in Yuanyang County, Yunnan Province; Lianhe Rice Terraces in Longxi County, Fujian Province; Jiabang Rice Terraces in Congjiang County, Guizhou Province; Ziquejie Qinren Rice Terraces in Xinhua County, Hunan Province; Raoping Rice Terraces in Dapu County, Guangdong Province; Dazhai Rice Terraces in Xiyang County, Shanxi Province), it is the best place to explore the Yao and Zhuang minorities' culture and traditions. It is also a photographers’ paradise and a vacationer's delight.

Longsheng Rice Terraces Map

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