Fuli Town

Fuli, a small and quiet town in the east of Yangshuo, just 8 kilometers away from the county seat of Yangshuo, is the famous "hometown of painting-fan." You can find many fans domestic workshops in the local families.

Fuli Town, Yangshuo, China

Fuli Town originally lay to the east of Donglang Hill and was called "Huangdao Street" in the Tang and Song dynasties. Then it gradually approached the Li River and was renamed "Fuli Town" in the Republic of China. Here you can find not only beautiful scenery but also many happy tales. It is said that Fairy Song, Sister Liu, lived here for many years and she left many beautiful tales after her, in the 1960s, the famous film Sister Liu was based on these tales and mainly filmed here.

In recent years, the locals of Fuli have made good use of their cultural heritage and developed the painting-fan industry. Nearly a third of its population work with traditional Chinese arts and crafts, like making painted folding fans and framing calligraphy or paintings. Former US President Bill Clinton called their fans "natural air-conditioners" when he visited Yangshuo in 1998, bringing unexpected fame to the town and its handicrafts. 

Yangshuo Fuli Town

The main tourist attractions of Fuli Town are the Fuli Old Street, Three Supernatural Women Stones, Kylin-giving Sons, Immortal's Hands, Secret Donglang, Yinlong Fancy Cave, Tangmen Views, Liugong Three Deep Pools, and Ancient Battle Field in Baimian.

Walking around this old town will be a memorable experience for you. Visit some of the best local artists and their workshops or just sip some tea on the wharf at "Three-Sister's" Restaurant.

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