Moon Hill

Yangshuo Moon Hill, located in Gaotian Town, 1 kilometer to the south of the Big Banyan Tree, 8.5 kilometers south of Yangshuo downtown, is one of Yangshuo's most visited sights. This karst peak obtains its name from a large, semi-circular hole in the top of the mountain which is visible from far away.

Moon Hill Yangshuo China

 Seeing from different angle of the Moon Hill, the shape of the hole will change. If you travel by bus, you’ll see the hole changing from crescent moon to half moon, full moon, and then waning moon, so amazing. It is worth getting some photos from afar as you'll find that you can't get good views of the mountain from up close. You do get great shots the top though. Being up this high puts a whole new perspective on the countryside. Tourists can also climb up to the big hole through an 800 steps road. The hole is very huge with a length and width both of 50m, but the mountainside is just several meters wide. The top of the hole hangs lots of stalactites in various shapes.

Moon Hill Yangshuo

Moon Hill is not only an incredibly beautiful arch, but also one of the most interesting crags in the area. It comes as no surprise therefore that this was the first crag Todd Skinner equipped in 1990, inaugurating sport climbing in Yangshuo. The walk via the blue markers to the top of the arch and the panoramic viewpoint is highly recommended.

Yangshuo Moon Hill Scenic Area

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