Impression Sanjie Liu

The large-scale performance the Impression Sanjie Liu is the core project of the Li River Mountain-Water Theatre. It was invested by Guilin Guangwei Wenhua Tourism and Culture Co. Ltd.,and took 5 years to be completed. This performance expresses the beautiful scenery of the Li River,the colorful culture of the ethnic groups in Guangxi and the brave imagination of the excellent artists in China. It has created a precedent for the similar performances in the world.

Impression Sanjie Liu Yangshuo China

 The Impression Sanjie Liu is an outstanding culture performance directed by Zhang Yimou, who is the Director of Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening ceremony. This large-scaled show lasts for 70 minutes and with more than 600 actors and actress involved, in a radius of two kilometers on the beautiful scenery of Yangshuo Li River waters. Boundless sky and 12 peaks about 2 km along Li River compose the stage of mountain and river backdrops, Impression Sanjie Liu performed in the largest natural theatre in the world.

Stage of the Impression Liu Sanjie is by the Li River

 The Impression Liu Sanjie is based on a Chinese musical movie made in 1961. It is about a lady called Liu SanJie who lived in the city of Liuzhou (about 2 hours from Guilin) where she worked in the fields. Liu Sanjie was well known in Liuzhou for her great singing voice. She would always sing while she worked in the fields. One day she left Liuzhou and came to Yangshuo on a bamboo raft and settled here. Then under the Big Banyan tree, Sanjie Liu tossed her love ball to her loved Bull Brother. And then they lived a happy live ever after.

 Yangshuo Impression Liu Sanjie

The performance regards the Impression Sanjie Liu as the general theme,and creatively combines the classical Sanjie Liu's Songs,multi-ethnic culture with the fishing lights,to reflect the harmonious atmosphere between human beings and the nature.

This is a totally different performance from the traditional forms. The theater is the nature itself. The sceneries of the four seasons are changing, and the weather is changing, thus the performance is changing to match up with the changeable nature. In this stage, only the half of the performance is created by man, while the other half is belonged to the mysterious nature.

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