Big Banyan Tree

Located on the west bank of Jinbao River, approximately 7.5km south of Yangshuo County, the Big Banyan Tree is a place that epitomizes the best of pastoral scenes of Yangshuo. The tree covers an area of 100 square meters and measures 17 meters in height. It looks like a big green umbrella when see from afar. Its branches spread out in all directions, and its roots twisting crisscross, the tree takes six men to encircle its trunk with their arms stretched out.

Yangshuo Big banyan tree

 According to the County Annals of Yangshuo, the Big Banyan Tree was planted in the Jin dynasty (265—420). In Yangshuo, there are many legends about the Big Banyan Tree. A famous legend goes that the Big Banyan Tree is the go-between of Sister Liu Sanjie and Brother Aniu. Sister Liu Sanjie threw an embroidered ball to Brother Aniu. At first Aniu did not dare to pick up the embroidered ball, so Sister Liu asked the old tree to tell Aniu her affection for him, then Aniu picked up the ball and engaged with her.

Big Banyang tree in traditional Chinese painting

 Actually, the Big Banyan Tree is a very small park in a local village, but is very well-known in Asia because many scenes in the film of "The Third Sister Liu" which once prevailed in China and Southeast Asian countries were shot from here.

The best way to visit the Big Banyan Tree is by bike from Yangshuo. In the park, tourists can take photos with the local girls in traditional garments, enjoy bamboo rafting, and visit a wonder stone museum.

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