Laohuzui Rice Terraces

Located in the south (23km) of Yuanyang Old Town (Xinjie Town), the Tiger Mouth (Laohuzhui) Scenic Area mainly consists of Mengpin Village, Dongfu Village, Amengkong Village, Baoshan Village and etc. The area covers more than 8.5 square kilometers of rice  terraces. The rice terraces here are known as the most breathtaking fields of their kinds in Yuanyang area. Some viewing areas were built for seeing and photographing the terraced fields. The sunrise and sea of clouds in Laohuzui are also very beautiful. And being many Hani people live in the villages of this area, the area has become a base for studying Hani culture and customs. 

Laohuzui Rice Terraces Yuanyang

Laohuzui is the most popular place in Yuanyang to shoot sunsets. The areat's name literally means 'tiger mouth', as somewhere in the myriad curving terraces there is reputedly something resembling a tiger's mouth. 

Laohuzui Rice Terraces Sunset

Laohuzui Rice Terraces has two viewing areas, one high up near the access road that has recently been enclosed by a 200 meter fence. There is also a lower area that can be reached after walking down a set of switchbacks. You may want to skip the lower platform if you have bad knees or smoke three packs of Honghe cigarettes a day, as the climb back up is fairly strenuous. 

Tiger Mouthi Rice Terraces

The upper area can quickly become a noisy traffic jam before sunset, when tour buses, private cars and trucks clog the narrow road outside the upper viewing area. Regardless of which platform you choose, it is advisable to show up at least an hour before sunset to get a good spot.

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