Bada Rice Terraces

Bada Scenic Point is situated in 44km south of Yuanyang County, 14 km from Xinjiezhen. It has more than 950 ha. rice terraces including Qingkou Village, Mali Village, Bada Village, Quanfu Village, Zhulu Village and some other Hani villages. From the foot to the top of the mounain, the terraced fields can be counted more than 3,900 steps. The Bada terraced rice fields are bravura, spectacular and stereoscopic, look beautiful in lines.

Bada Rice Terraces

Most visitors to Bada stop by in the morning on the way back to Xinjie from Duoyishu or they come out in the late afternoon to catch the sunset. Bada has one of the biggest collections of terraces and is easy to photograph from different angles.

Bada Rice Terraces Sunset Yuanyang

Bada has two viewing platforms that offer views at similar heights but different lateral perspectives. Additionally, there are a few footpaths near the second platform leading up into some of the higher terraces, or down below, where new vantage points into the valley open up.

Bada Rice Terraces Yuanyang China

In addition to the countless soft curves and hard bends that can be found in the terraces below Bada, there are also plenty of small huts which make for interesting objects with which to anchor one's shots. Due to the height of the mountain behind Bada, the sun's rays don't hit the terraces below until an hour after Duoyishu.

Should you be tired from waking up to catch the sunrise, there is a small restaurant at Bada offering instant coffee.

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