Duoyishu Rice Terraces

Look like a big gulf, Duoyishu Scenic Area is located in east of Yuanyang County, about 53 km from the county seat and 23 km from Xinjie Town. Covered Duoyishu Village, Aicun Village, Dawa Village and some other 10 ethnic villages, this area is the optimum place to view the blue rice terraces, sea of clouds, sunrise, sunset and the unique Hani and Yi people's mushroom-shaped houses. Duoyishu was once the major shooting places of the famous films -- The Story of Yunnan (1993) and Cherries (2007). It is a paradise of photographers who enjoy taking the pictures of the beautiful sunrise. 

Duoyishu Rice Terraces Yuanyang

If you are looking for more variety than the two viewing platforms can offer, you may want to consider heading into the fields. The footpath connecting the viewing platforms heads downhill into the terraces – this is how most photographers get into the terraces.

Duoyishu Rice Terraces Yuanyang Yunnan

An alternative way to get into the terraces is to walk about 200 meters south on the road near the upper viewing platform. On your left there will be a handful of small footpaths leading from the road into the terraces, offering a different perspective on this expansive valley without having to shoot into the direct path of the sun's light.

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