Jingkou Hani Ethnic Village

Qingkou is a typical Hani village, 6 kilometers in the south of Xinjie Town of Yuanyang County, Honghe Prefecture. It consists of 150 families and has a population of 800 all of whom belong to the Hani ethnic group. The village has thick forests that provide hydropower, woods and firewood, which can not only protect the ecological system, but also reserve water, forms into a natural "green water reservoir". Below the village are tens of thousands of layers of terraced rice fields which provide grains for living and development of the whole villagers. The streams flow through the village into the terraced fields. The villagers make advantages of the water route, build such living facilities as water-powered roller, water mills etc. During the course of the irrigation of the farms, by way of using wooden marked watershed, the water resource are reasonably distributed among the terraced fields of each household. This forest-village-terrace-river "four degrees isomorphism ecosystems" is human activity and natural ecosystems of the examples of the perfect combination.

Qingkou Hani Ethnic Village Yuanyang Yunnan

Qingkou Hani Ethnic Village is famous for the harmony gained among forests, Hani culture and traditions, rice terraced fields and water conservation system. Setting foot on Qingkou, you will be definitely impressed by its mushroom houses and unsophisticated villagers. A museum has been established to showcase the culture and history of the Hani people. The see-saw mill, sacred forest, grinding mills, ploughs, spades, looms, and other utensils are all worth your visiting. Besides, you also can choose to visit a family and experience the cozy mushroom houses.

Yuanyang Qingkou Hani Village

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