Beijing Confucian Temple

Beijing Confucian Temple, originally named as Guo Zi Jian (The Imperial College), Confucian Temple or Capital Confucian Temple, was the place where emperors offered sacrifices to Confucius. A construction system was thus formed with Guo Zi Jian in the left and the Confucian Temple in the right.

The construction of Beijing Confucian Temple was inttiated in 1302, the sixth year of the reign of Dade during the Yuan Dynasty and was conpleted in the year 1306. With an area  of 22,000 square meters, it has three rows of houses and courtyards. On the central axes, there are Xian Shi Gate (the Gate of the Master), Da Cheng Gate (the Gate of Great Success), Da Cheng Hall (the Hall of Great Success), and Chong Sheng Memorial Temple (where sacrifices was offered to Confucius and his ancestors).


It is one of the key sites of cultural relics that the government is committed to preserve with most efforts.

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