Niujie Mosque

The magnificent Niujie Mosque (literally "Cow Street Mosque") is located at the Niujie Street, Xuanwu District, Beijing. It is the oldest and the largest of its kind in Beijing, also one of the famous mosques in the world. Originally built in 966 AD that initiated by an Arabic scholar Nasuruddin, the mosque was named as "Libaisi" by the emperor in 1474.

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The Beijing Mosque has a strictly central axel balanced layout covering an area of 6,000 square meters, and becomes a Chinese featured mosque with classical Arabic mosque and Chinese royal palace flavor. Refurbishments have been implemented for Niujie Mosque under 4 large scale government invested projects since People's Republic of China in 1949. And Niujie Mosque is reserved as the Key Point of Cultural Heritage & Relic under the State-level Protection by the State Council since January 13, 1988.

The Muslims Celebrate Balram in Niujie Mosque

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