Impression Dahongpao

The internationally renowned night show "Impression Dahongpao" is an important cultural tourism project which has been focused created by Wuyishan City. As the fifth installment of renowned director Zhang Yimou's "impression" series, the spectacle "Impression Dahongpao" highlights the splendid scenery of Mount Wuyi and its rich tea culture.  

Impression Dahongpao's stage covers nearly one hectare. With a budget of 200 million yuan, or more than 29 million US dollars, the 70-minute show boasts a 360-degree angle setting and seating capacity of two thousand.

Impression Da Hong Pao Show

Impression Dahongpao  highlighting stories and participation, not only shows the history of tea and tea processing technology, but also using contemporary popular vocabulary to narrative and erotic the love story of the king and the jade maiden, Dahongpao's history and troubles of modern people.

The Show is split into five chapters, and most of the performers are Mount Wuyi locals. Elements of traditional stone and woodcarvings, residential housing, and the architectural style of Mount Wuyi have been combined in the stage design.

The show, set in a tea park, projects the appearance of a giant teahouse, with waitresses dressed in traditional folk costumes serving Dahongpao, or Red Robe Tea, a Mount Wuyi specialty with the reputation as China's "king of tea ". When the biggest highlight of the show coming, the actors scream, Dawangfeng (the Great King Peak) and Yunufeng (the Jade Maiden Peak) be instantly lit, the actors scream again, water is also instantly lit, and the actors began to tell the beautiful love story of the king and the jade maiden. 

Impression Dahongpao is an unprecedented "matrix type" real movie. It is making the 15 movie screens integrate into the natural landscape, forming the "matrix type" wide real movie scenes to create the effect of the scene as dream-like.

Impression Dahongpao in Wuyi Mountains

Duration: about 70 minutes

Venue: Zhonghua Wuyi Chaboyuan (China Wuyi Tea History Museum)

Show Time: 

Summer: 20:00 - 21: 15; 21:45 - 23:00

Winter: 19: 30 - 20: 45; 21: 15 - 22:30 

The company may give an extra performance in some special time or the peak season, such as weekend, May Day (May 1-3) and National Day (Oct. 1-7). 

Usually, the company stops the show for the holiday of the performers and the renovation of the stage from Jan. 10 - Feb. 10.

Getting there: 

The museum is only 8 km away from the airport, 10 km from the railway station, and 15 km from the city center. The best way to get there is by taxi. Tourists start from the city center can take public bus No.6 to the museum.

Mount Wuyi Night Show: Impression Dahongpao

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