What to Pack for A Trip to Yangshuo

Lying in a sub-tropical moist monsoon climatic zone, Yangshuo has distinct four seasons, the full sunshine and abundant rain falls. Weather in Yangshuo varies over the year. A must before starting your Yangshuo tour is to learn what is Yangshuo weather like and what should you wear in Yangshuo.


In spring, from March to May, weather in Yangshuo is mild but a little bit chilly. It starts to warm up in March, while Yangshuo weather temperature is more pleasant from April to May. Typically it is dry and although there's occasionally a shower.

A sweater or light coat is recommended. Furthermore, sometimes heavy rains imply the necessity of umbrella.


In summer, from June to August, weather in Yangshuo is hot and humid. With temperatures in between 25ºC to about 38ºC and rainfall in July and August, summer is not fit for sightseeing and doing outdoor activities.

Air-conditioning and fans are essential in this season. If you go out and you are sensitive to the sun, make sure to wear a hat and put on sunblock regularly. Moreover, don't forget to take a umbrella with you.


In autumn, from September to November, weather in Yangshuo is still nice until the gloomy, miserable weather comes in the middle November. In this season, it won't rain much with the mild temperature at 20ºC. But Yangshuo weather temperature dropped abruptly between 5ºC and 15ºC.

It is recommended that you need to wear long-sheeve shirts. And a sweater or jacket is also needed as Yangshuo weather can be a little chilly in the evening and morning.


In winter, from December to November, weather in Yangshuo is cold and moist. Winter temperatures in Yangshuo can average 8ºC but with very little rain.

Down jackets, thick jeans, sweaters, scarves are recommended for your Yangshuo tour in winter. Experience a different charm of Yangshuo.

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