Mud Bath in Yangshuo

Mud bath is a most exciting entertainment to try in Yangshuo. It is located in Moon Village (Calendar Village), about 6 kilometer away from the south of Yangshuo downtown area. If you miss this, you will miss the best part of Yangshuo. Mud bath is very popular with the foreign tourists.

Mud Bath in Yangshuo China

 The mud bath is in the Gantry Water Rock of Moon Village. There is a huge quagmire in the hole, where the local villagers often go to wash the mud bath. The mud, thin and slippery, without any impurities, it is said to have the role of beauty. Washing "mud bath", who particularly comfortable. When enjoy enough the Mud bath, you can went to the 15 meters natural waterfall for a shower, thoroughly and explicitly wash your fill!

Mud Bathing in Yangshuo China

Mud Bath Guide

When reached the Gantry Water Rock, visitors need to take a boat into the cave. Along the underground river, you can enjoy all kinds of strange landscape inside the cave. There is no light inside the cave, and some places are narrow, you need to wear helmets, take emergency flashlight. At the end of the cave, there is a large natural quagmire. This is the mud bath.

Mud Bath Yangshuo

The temperature in mud bath is a little lower; the bathers should have appropriate preparation. Swimsuit should be ready. You can enjoy it like a child, fine rubbing twist slowly, and gently rub in the face. After the mud bath, you can go to the 15 meters natural waterfall to have a clean water bath.

Other Places for Mud Bathing in Yangshuo

Longmen (dragon gate), Pusa (Bodhisattva) Water Cave

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