Bamboo Rafting in Yangshuo

Yang Di to Xingping is the essence of bamboo rafting in Yangshuo, this part is the most beautiful section of the Li River. Then is the Yulong River bamboo rafting. If we say that Li River is ladylike, then Yulong River is a pretty young lady of humble birth. The two rivers are of great deal of diversity.

Li River Yangdi to Xingping Bamboo Rafting

Yangdi to Xingping Bamboo Rafting Guides

Route: Yang Di – Xingping (The whole drift is 3-4 hours)

Price: The raft is now managed by the government and has unified ticketing. The government uniform price for the whole tour is 216 RMB / person. Half tour (Yang Di Dock - Nine Horse Painting Mountain) is 118 RMB / person. Also you can find a local bamboo raft master to get the concessionary fare, 110 RMB / person, which bamboo raft with 4 seats, but guest must fill the seat. If the numbers are insufficient, you must make up the difference 35 RMB / person.

Landscape on the way: Xiangba Island, Half Odd Crossing, Taoyuan Mochizuki, Fairy Push A Grinder, Carp Guabi, The Boys Worship Guanyin, God Pen Peak, Wave Rock Spectacle, Langshi  Ancient Buildings, Lion Climb Five Fingers, The Elderly Keep Apples, Crows Mountain, Eight Immortals, Jilong Hill, Ma'an Mountain, Tortoise Climbing, Frog Jump River, Nine Horse Painting Mountain, Lion Look Back At The Nine Horses, Beauty Looking Back Nine Horses, Beauty Dressing, Yellow Cloth Reflection, the landscape on the back of 20 yuan and so on.


1. Guilin - Yang Di Pier: Take bus (Guilin- Yangshuo/Lipu) in Guilin Bus Station, get off at the Yang Di intersection, and then take shuttle from Yangshuo to Yang Di Pier.

2. Yangshuo - Yang Di Pier: There are bus from Yangshuo to Yang Di Pier (Attention :the Yang Di Dock, not the Yang Di Intersection) ,which starting every day around 6:40(every 20 minutes there is one) ,about1.5 hours, 10 RMB / person.

3. Xingping - Yangshuo: take shuttle (Yangshuo –Xingping).

Tips: There are lots of craft workers in the Li River, who are uneven quality. How to choose the craft workers are cannot be ignored, different craft workers can bring visitors with the different play experiences and the different quality of tourism.

Li River bamboo rafting is the ideal choice for your holiday, which price is affordable, suitable for driving, hiking, students, business travelers, backpackers and family weekend travel.

Bamboo Rafting Yulong River Yangshuo

 Yulong River Bamboo Rafting Guides

Route: Golden Dragon Bridge - Former County--Chaoyang - Workers and Peasants Bridge

1. The whole rafting: 240 RMB / raft (2 person), excursions usually about 4 - 6 hours.

2. The half rafting: 150 RMB / raft (Golden Dragon Bridge - Former County or Chaoyang - Workers and Peasants Bridge)

Attractions: Yulong Qiao Herding, Rhino Mochizuki, Gu Rong Through Rock banyan, Shuangliu Beauty, Xia Tong Jia Sheng, Five Fingers, Lion Rock, Eight Immortals Rock, Ancient Tombs, Former County.


Take a shuttle from Yangshuo to Jinbao Town (6 yuan / person) and get off at the Dragon Bridge of Baisha Town. The Yulong River bamboo rafting pier is under the bridge. In addition, it can choose biking (about 90 minutes).


1. Please bring adequate water, dry food and snacks. Note sunscreen and mosquito.

2. The best rafting time is 4-10 months. If in summer, bring a swimsuit so that can swim while rafting.

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Questions & Answers about Bamboo Rafting in Yangshuo

Asked by silvia bellafante from Italy 2014-08-20

Hi, I'm writing to you becouse I need any infirmation to reserve a bamboo boat trip from airport Guilin to Yangdi by bus, Yangdi to Xingping by cruise, Xingping to Yangshuo by bus (our Hotel Tea Cozy). We are two adults and we'll arrive to Guilin on 21th October 2014 at 9:10 Am. Is it possible to start the tour directly from Guilin airport? We are evaluating others offers, on your web page the cost is 210 for pax, Is there a different cost from guilin airport? If yes how many? Thank you in advance for your help Best regards Silvia

Answered by Trip China Guide    2014-08-20

There is no bus from the airport to Yangdi. The best way to get there is by taxi (CNY 200-300).

If you want to save some money, you can take the airport coach/bus (CNY 20)to the civil aviation hotel (the locals call it Min Hang Jiu Dian or Min Hang Da Sha), the driver may remind the passengers get off at Shanghai Road (Shanghai Lu) if they go to the railway station or bus station. In the railway station (you need not go to bus station), you can take the minibuses (CNY 10) to Yangshuo. Bear in mind that you get off at Yang Di intersection (Yangdi Lu Kou) not at Yangshuo (tell the driver in advance). In Yangdi Lu Kou, you can take the minibus to Yang Di Pier. In Yangdi pier, you can buy the raft ticket to Xingping.

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