Biking in Yangshuo

If you want to enjoy the scenery in Yangshuo, bike trips are the best and most economical way. Rent a good bike at West Street, together with friends or lover casually biking in county’s surrounding countryside fields, companying by the beautiful pastoral scenery, may be this trip can become immortal in your life experience.

Biking in Yangshuo

 Yangshuo Biking Strategy

1. Route one: Yangshuo - Big Banyan Tree - Moon Hill- Moon Hill Village - Fusan Temple - Yan Village - Tianjia River – Yangshuo

Riding distance: About 20 km, there are roads and country paths.

Route features: The classic biking route, there are Yangshuo’s best landscapes, idyllic scenery, the shepherd boy and buffalo.

Physical requirements: Very leisure, suitable for general physical travelers.

Start from Yangshuo, along the road to Lipu County, riding about 20 minutes to Workers and Peasants Bridge, which is the attraction "Camel Crossing the River" on the one side of the bridge, while the interchange of Yulong River and Jinbao River on the other side, and both sides of the scenery is beautiful.

500 meters along the highway is the Big Banyan Area, tickets 18 RMB. About 1 km away from the Big Banyan Tree there is the famous Moon Hill. Turn left from the Moon Hill; cross the road is the Moon Hill Village, which is an excellent location to watch Moon Hill. In recent years, villagers have opened many homes hotels and restaurants for travelers to rest and lunch. It is definitely a good choice while eating while watching Moon Hill in the farm house.

After dinner return along the same way. Biking along the country road, then get to Fusan Temple, going over a stone arch bridge to Yan Village. On the entrance to Yan Village there is a small shop, where a variety of beverages for sale. Visitors can make a little relax here. Move on, it is Tianjia River. Visitors can put bicycle leaning against the side of the road, and go to the river dams to watch scenery. General at this time is afternoon, there can enjoy the quite beautiful sunset and homing of cattle and sheep.

Forward on is low hill, out of the low hill that is highway, riding about five kilometers along it can back to Yangshuo.

Cycling in Yangshuo China

 2. Route two: Yangshuo - Workers and Peasants Bridge - riverside cottages - Yangshuo shengdi- the Same Door Rock - Fenglou Village - Moon Hill - Large Banyan Tree – Yangshuo

Riding distance: About 20 kilometers

Route features: Basic around Large Banyan Tree Area.

Physical requirements: Very leisure, suitable for general physical persons.

Start from Yangshuo to Workers and Peasants Bridge, and then turn right about 500 meters to the riverside cottages. In front of the riverside cottage, that is Yulong River, there are a number of rafts stopped at the water's edge. Across the river from the dam, or bike along the right bank of the river, one kilometer can to Yangshuo Shengdi. After lunch in Yangshuo Shengdi, spend 1-2 RMB on rafting to the other side (the dry season can also pass from the dam), and then ahead along the side road of Yulong River, where is less than 1 kilometer to the Same Door Rock Climbing Spot and you can see climbers from all around the world every day. 500 meters along the mountain road can reach to Fenglou Vllage (located behind the Moon Hill). Then go back to Yangshuo along the highway.

Biking Yangshuo China

 3. Route three: Yangshuo - Fuli - Che Lang Hill - Xingping – Stone City - Grapes - Yangshuo.

Riding distance: About 60 km one way, need two days to complete.

Route features: the along rural scenery is good, the road from Xingping to Grapes is difficult to walk, hiking and cycling tourists are rarely.

Physical requirements: with high physically demanding, suitable for the players who often off-road cycling. Start in the morning from Yangshuo, along the Guanlian Road about 10 minutes to Yangshuo Bridge. Which nearby is Yangshuo Green Lotus Peak and it is a good place to see the county view, one the right side is the Shutong Hill, which also is a classical scenery of Yangshuo. After half an hour through the tunnel it can reach the Fuli town, there has good scenery on its riverside, and there are a few old street which has the town has a lot bigger folding fan workshop. Turn left when come out of Fuli Town is on the way to Xingping, 20 minutes along the road can see the East Lang Mountain, which right is the Chetian scenery.

Forward through Antiquity Kiosk and Western Hills, about 3 hours can arrive in Xingping town. Here, can make a visit at Xingping Old Street and have lunch near the pier. There are several small restaurants around docks for travelers, providing both Chinese and Western food, and near the Post Guest House there are located several good large food stalls, which is cheaper than the small hotels.

The old cottage next to the Pier is a good place for xingping beautiful scenery. It takes tourist half an hour to climb to the top, watch the sunrise sitting on the top of the hill is a good choice. Travel 500 meters forward the Xingping Bridge is Hillside Garden, it is also a good place for sightseeing and there will be a lot of people swim here in summer.

Take rest in Xingping at night, there are several small hotels on the docks, the general price is 20 to 50 per person; besides, there are home farm across the river, which is about 10 yuan per person.

After watching the sunrise the next morning in Xingping, ferry to the other side of the river, about 20 minutes biking along the trail to the Luo Shi Rocks. Then over Dazhou Ridge, up the hill, which foot is the Qing Dynasty Ancient Road, about 1 km, finish the Ancient Road to HuangNitian. Along the dirt road from HuangNitian to Large Lingtou(about 30 minitues). The nearby Hebao Hill is a good place to view the scenery. Climb on the 200 meters Hebao Hill, the essence of Li River landscape "Yellow Cloth Reflection" and "Nine Horses in Mountains" are not far from, and the famous "Halong Scenery" can also be enjoyed here.

There are mountains roads from the Daling Village to the Ancient Stone Town (about two hours). It is about 7 km away from Ancient Stone Town to the Grapes(about more than one hour by bike). The scenery close down the mountain is good, with open fields, canola flower in spring and golden rice fields in autumn.

After arrived at grapes, people can ride down along the Guiyang Road, then over Xanadu, Wulidian, and White Sand can return to Yangshuo.

Biking Along the Li River Yangshuo

 4. Route four: Yangshuo - Workers and Peasants Bridge - Yangshuo Shengdi- Ji Ma -Jiuxian – Xiangua Bridge - Yu Long Bridge - White Sands – Yangshuo.

Riding distance: Nearly 30 kilometers back and forth

Route features: beauty landscape, bucolic village and bridges

Physical requirements: classic lines with a bit difficult for the rider's strength and will

Ride against the Yulong River, and sometimes the way is too narrow to ride and needs carts forward. It takes about 5 to 6 hours to do to Yu Long Bridge, and then return to Yangshuo White Sand from the highway, it is also take the raft floated back to the Workers and Peasants Bridge along the Yulong River.

Outdoors Tips: there are many bicycle rental shops in Yangshuo, and the prices rise and fall with the size of passenger .On weekdays, it is generally 5 yuan / day, while holiday from 15 to 25 yuan / day. (ID card or passport should be secured).

Leisure routes riding a tandem bicycle will be more romantic, but a little more difficult rural lines should try to choose a pair of shock absorbers feature Giant Bicycle will not be too painful on the road.

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