Hiking in Yangshuo

It is undeniable that Yangshuo is importance for tourism in Guangxi, where there are naturalness beauty and style. And the attracting tourists are incessant. For friend who interested in this small town, we recommend hiking tourist route in Yangshuo to enjoy the charm of this mountain village town.

Hiking in Yangshuo

Yangshuo Hiking Guides

Hiking route: from Yangdi to Xingping.

The morning: start at 7:00 am; take a bus from the Yangshuo Bus Station to Yangdi (takes about one hour, fare 8 RMB). Buy tickets in Yangdi dock about on 8:30 and then start hiking (fare 16 RMB, including three times ferry in the way). Star from the Yangdi pier, cross the first ferry, hiking along the gravel road (easy to twist the feet, it is best to wear a good pair of walking shoes). Along the way there are green mountains and clear rivers, you can see a lot of honest buffalo. Nearly there was no road go up the slope from the left side where is a footpath leading to Waves Stone Village. Go through the village to the second ferry. Walking along the mountainside after the ferry (multi-shade, cool). After about half an hour, there is a fork in the road (the right one is close and cool, but the road is not too good to go; the left one is along the river, which scenery is good, but a little far and basic exposure to the sun). Next to a small pier, with fruit to sell, can be slightly rest. Cement berm along the front line; turn the mountain dirt road to the old village. Along cement berms, then turn to the mountain dirt road to the Laocuntou.

Lunch: Lijiang Laocuntou inn, where the food is enough in weight and with good taste, about 50 RMB/ triple.

Hiking along the Li River

The afternoon: come out from the inn about half past one, next to a small pier, walk along the cement berms, then transfer countryside field path to the village road (in front of the village, it is the famous Nine Horses Mountains). After entered the village, along the road to the end of the village, then there is the last ferry - Cold Wind Ferry. After crossing the ferry, hiking along the road until come to Xingping (it takes about 1.5 hours from Cold Wind Ferry to Xingping), there is no fork during the travel. After arrived in Xingping Town, walking along the road about 5-7 minutes, there is an intersection, turn right at the junction; then we can take the bas back to Yangshuo car. If energetic, it also can walk around the Old Streets or visit the Guandi Temple in Xingping. Finally, take a bus back to Yangshuo in Xingping Station (fare 5.5 RMB, about 40 minutes).

Hiking the Li River China

Tips: Hiking in Yangshuo is not difficult, all the way is picturesque. The most critical is heat stroke prevention and adding enough water along the way; it is best to bring a bottle of salt water, hat, and sunscreen essential oil with you.

For those friends who love hiking, Yangshuo is really an excellent choice and the easiest way to experience the most beautiful scenery.

Li River Hiking from Yangdi to Xingping

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