Yangshuo Fact Sheet

Yangshuo is located in the northeastern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and southeastern Guilin City. It borders Gongcheng County and Pingle County to the east, Lipu County to the south, Yongfu County and Lingui County to the west, and Lingchuan County and Yanshan District to the north. The special geography gives it breath-taking beauty while over 1,400 years of history bless it with a deep traditional culture. The diverse ethnic minority groups including Hui, Zhuang, Yao and others, enrich it with special folk cultures represented by their various festivals; while many foreign residents add exotic flavors to its fascination.

English Name: Yangshuo

Chinese Name: 阳朔 (yáng shuò)

Population: 310,000

Size: 1,428 sq km

Altitude: 100-500 meters

Area Code: +86 773

Zip Code: 541900


Southern Guilin, Northern-Eastern Guangxi (24°38′- 25°04′N and 110°13′- 110°40′E)

Administrative Divisions

Yangshuo consists of 6 towns and 3 villages, they are: Yangshuo town, Baisha town, Fuli towm, Xingpin town, Putao town, Gaotian town, Jinbao village, Puyi village and Yangdi village 

Main Rivers

Li River, Yulong River, Tianjia River, Jinbao River, Dayuan River, Wugui River, etc.


Totally 13 including ethnic groups such as Yao, Hui and Zhuang


The county seat was built during the Sui Dynasty in 590 A.D. with a 1400 years history.

Traditional Festivals

Ox King Festival (April 8th), May 8th Festivals in Fuli Town (May 8th), June 23rd Festival in Baisha Town (June 23rd), Folk Song Singing Festival (August 15th), Temple Fair in Xingping Town (September 19th), October Sweetness in Puyi Town (October 10th), Yangshuo Fishing Festival (December)

Local Specialty

Yanghsuo is famous for its rich produce, including sweet oranges, tangerine, pomelo, persimmon, chestnut and kumquat.


Yangshuo People's Hospital, No. 28, Chengzhong Road, Yangshuo Town

Post Offices

N0. 28, Pantao Road, Yangshuo Town

North Town Street, Fuli Town

No. 6, Rongtan Street, Xingping Town


In Yangshuo, you can find many kinds of banks including Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China as well as China Industrial and Commercial Bank. With the credit cards issued by these banks, you can draw money from the ATMs 24 hours a day. For currency exchange, you will need to go to the Bank of China.

Branches of Bank of China in Yangshuo County

No.11, Binjiang Road

No. 117, West Street


Along West Street, there are many public telephones available. The signal for mobile cellular phones is quite clear in the county and along the Li River. However, in the mountain and valley areas, the signal can be poor. It's a good idea to carry a supply of phone cards.

Main Tourist Attractions

West Street, Moon Hill, Big Banyan Tree, Yulong River, Yangshuo Park, Butterfly Spring Park, Shangri-la Park, Xingping Town, Fuli Town

Recommended Things to Do in Yangshuo

Watch cormorant fishing show, watch impression Liu Sanjie Show, Li River cruise, bamboo rafting along the Yulong River,kayaking, white water rafting, biking, caving, rock-climbing, mud-bathing, hiking, and photographing, cooking lesson.

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