Restaurants in Yangshuo

Restaurants and bars can be found throughout Yangshuo. Eating out in Yangshuo is easy. The local cuisine is available in restaurant of Yangshuo and in the countryside near the scenic spots, which mainly is delicious and unique Chinese food. There are also lots of snack-bars all over Yangshuo, which offer clean and tasty food. And Western food usually is mainly found in the bars, cafes and restaurants in or near West Street. Here are some restaurants in Yangshuo that would satisfy your palate.

◎Café China (原始人 Yuán Shǐ Rén)

Café China is a great place to hang out. If you want to escape the crowds in West Street but still want to have a view on them, go to the rooftop. It has great views over West Street and Yangshuo. Malcolm's coffee and cheesecake are of the very best you can get in Yangshuo. But do not limit yourself in the coffee and cakes as his menu offers many surprises.

Cuisine: Western food

Phone: 0773-8827744

Location: West Street, Yangshuo County; a bit further on the way to the Li River.

◎Cloud 9 (聚福楼 jù fú lóu)

There is no doubt that Cloud 9 is a good Chinese restaurant in Yangshuo. If Chinese food is what you want to explore, you may choose it. There are two reasons that make Cloud 9 different from all the other restaurants in Yangshuo. One is by far the best quality food (try the Sichuan dishes), the other is its atmosphere. For the cooking enthusiast, Cloud 9 offers twice a day cooking classes. Price depends on the dishes to prepare.

Cuisine: Chinese food

Location: at the corner of Chengzhong Road and West Street, at the first floor.

◎Red Star Express (红星特快Hóng Xīng Tè Kuài )

At the entrance, there is a bold red star, which is the logo of Red Star Express. Here the most authentic pizza, steak and garlic bread are offered. In particular, salmon pizza and steak with black pepper are palatable and popular among the foreigners.

Hours: 7:30-1:00

Cuisine: Western food

Phone: 0773-8822699

Address: West Street, Yangshuo County

◎Meiyou Café (没有饭店 Méi Yǒu Fàn Diàn )

Nearly all tourists who have been to Yangshuo would not forget a restaurant called Meiyou Café, which means that this restaurant can always offers cold beer as well as good dishes and services and don’t swindle money out of customers, so people has no reason not to eat here. In particular, the coffee in this restaurant is famous.

Cuisine: Local food

Phone: 0773-8821167

Address: No. 86 West Street, Yangshuo

◎Xie Dajie Beer Fish (谢大姐啤酒鱼 (Xiè Dà Jiě Pí Jiǔ Yú )

In Yangshuo, Xie Dajie Beer fish is the most famous one among all restaurant offering beer fish. It uses catfish and carp to cook this dish. When eating, people can dip the light fish into the thick soup. Apart from beer fish, Tianluo Niang is also the specialty of Yangshuo, and greatly recommended by the customers. You may have a try.

Cuisine: local food

◎Sons of West Street  (西街传人 Xī Jiē Chuán Rén )

With a decoration like large stall, every day, Sons of West Street t is crowded especially when people order hot pot. The recommended dishes are beer fish, fried field snails, fried cauliflower and chicken hot pot.

Sons of West Street

Cuisine: Local food

Address: West Street, Yangshuo

◎Pure Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant (暗香疏影素菜馆 àn xiāng shū yǐng sù cài guǎn)

The Pure Lotus Restaurant is one of the more hidden gems of Yangshuo. The Pure Lotus Vegetarian is the best vegetarian restaurant in Yangshuo. Dishes included braised tofu with tea leaves; braised vegetable balls, beans steak with sauce. Recommend is the vegetable Curry and braised eggplant.

Cuisine: local food 

Location: Diecui Road just under the Magnolia Hotel

◎Kali Mirch Indian Restaurant (黑胡椒印度餐厅 hēi hú jiāo yìn dù cān tīng)

For lovers of the Indian cuisine there is good news. Kali Mirch is a new Indian restaurant specialized in north Indian food. It's the only restaurant in town as such.

Cuisine:Indian food

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