Learn Chinese in Yangshuo

Training tourism has become a popular tourist in Yangshuo. It has become the consensus of many tourist scholars that to learn a good foreign language, especially a fluent oral English, come to Yangshuo West Street. But now, the Chinese people to learn a foreign language in Yangshuo West Street while foreigners are also scrambling to learn Chinese in Yangshuo West Street.

Study Mandarin Chinese in Yangshuo China

 Owen, China Bilingual Education Research Association executive vice president and Owen Chinese English College dean, is a leading proponent of Yangshuo bilingual training. In September 1993, under the strong support of Yangshuo County Department of Education, Owen came from Hunan and ran from the first language schools in Yangshuo- Buckland Business Foreign Language School. Later, Owen has led three brothers to Yangshuo for development. Now, Owen four brothers have four foreign language schools in Yangshuo, with nearly 1,000 students.

Thereafter, Zhuoyue English College, West Street Foreign Language School, Wise Girls' School, Ohmeda English schools and so on language schools have formally established, which peak time is reach 30, and each school has set up Chinese language courses. In addition, while foreigners learn Chinese in Yangshuo, it is also possible to learn Chinese Chess, Chinese Kung Fu, the Book of Changes and other mysterious and profound oriental culture of China.

Learn Chinese in Yangshuo

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School Name: Buckland

Established in 1999, Buckland International Education Group (Buckland) has promoted the Chinese-western culture exchange and functioned as a bridge between Chinese and native English speakers through our educational programs. They operate and manage various educational programs that have brought life-changing experiences to thousands of people around the world each year.

Based on the background of Buckland International Education Group, Chinese college is a Chinese language school, which locates in the heart of the beautiful, tourist attraction---Yangshuo. Students come from all over the world to study Mandarin with Yangshuo Chinese College, not only because it provide a high standard of teaching, but also because it offer the possibility to travel and volunteer around China. Their highly, professional teachers speak standard Mandarin and fluent English; upon the request their teachers can use mandarin or English to teach. Yangshuo Chinese College is also the organizer of TCSOL certificate test. Besides it provide a traditional Chinese environment for their students to help them immerse in Chinese culture and history.  

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