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Yangshuo tour spawned the "Impression Sanjie Liu" live performance, and promote the rapid development of hotel, food and beverage industry, with private foreign language schools everywhere, but also make China's oldest mystical kung fu and tai chi emerge as another highlight of Yangshuo tour.

Learn Chinese Kung Fu Yangshuo

Guides to Learn Kung Fu & Tai Chi in Yangshuo

Yangshuo County now has 6 Tai Chi Martial Arts Schools, with more than 600 participants, which mostly are foreign tourists.

Yangshuo Tai Chi Martial Arts School, formerly known as the "Guangxi Chen Style Tai Chi training center", is one of the famous Tai Chi Martial Arts in Yanghsuo. It is located at the suburban of Yangshuo County, only a cement paved road can reach. One side of the road is the cliffs of Longtou Mountain, and the other side is deep Lijiang. Along the road there are no factories, bars, and only a lush green world, where the river winds blowing. Martial Arts School is built in this wonderland.

Learn Tai Chi  Boxing in Yangshuo China

Tai Chi Martial Arts School occupies more than 3000 square meters, built several villa-style buildings decorated magnificent. Here features a large indoor and outdoor practice field, equipped with Chinese and Western restaurants, hotel-style bedroom and excellent facilities so that students can dedicate to practice.

There are more than 1,000 students come from 32 countries study here. Tai Chi Martial Arts School which hidden in the mountains can attract students from all over the world, which is closely related to the coach. The school's coach, Fu Nengbin, is the 12th generation descendant of Chen Tai Chi. Fu one of the three disciple of Chen zhenglei, who is a famous Chinese contemporary martial arts masters.

Teach Martial Arts:

Taiji => Chen Style Tai Chi

Sanda => Sanda

Nan Quan => Nan Quan

Shaolin => Shaolin Boxing

Shaolin => Arhat Boxing

Long Boxing => Long Boxing

Master: Fu Nengbin

Chinese Kung Fu Yangshuo China

Curriculum and Charges:

A: Tai Chi Basic Class: Chen boxing techniques, footwork, silk reeling, the outbreak Jin, song chen Jin, opening and closing jin, static stance, Chen simplify 13 types, essence 18 types, and simplified 24 type.

B: Tai Chi Popularization Class: Tai Chi basic Skills, old frame (74-style), 56-style competition routine, comprehensive competition routine 42-style boxing, Chen single swords, knives and so on.

C: Tai Chi Upgrading Courses: basic skill Tai Chi, Tai Chi internal strength, old frame (74-style), Chen Tai Chi 2-style (gun hammer), broadsword, spear, and boxing theory.

D: Tai Chi Advanced Class: Tai Chi basic skills, Tai Chi internal strength, Tai Chi new frame, shaking big stick, push hands, boxing theory.

E: Pushing Hands Training Course: Exercise understand, listen and hua, 5 push practices, capture and solutions, combat athletic push hands, pushing hands tactics.

F: Sanda Classes: Sanda basic skill, Shaolin boxing, practical techniques (boxing, leg, and wrestling), s self-defense, martial, etc.

G:Kung Fu routines classes: martial arts basics, five-step boxing, Shaolin boxing, Nan Quan, Changquan ,Luohan Quan, cudgel play, sword, nunchaku, stick, south knives and other equipments.

H: Interests Short Course: Optional content, learning anytime.

I: Tai Chi Kung Fu: Designed for tourist groups performing.

Charges (one week, including the cost of training, eating and live):

A: Tai Chi Basic Class: 1100RMB

B: Tai Chi Upgrading Courses: 1200RMB

C: Tai Chi Advanced Class: 1400 RMB

D: Pushing Hands Training Course: 1600 RMB

E: Sanda Classes: 1100RMB

F: Martial Arts Classes: 1100 RMB

G: Interests Short Course: 1100 RMB

Tai Chi Martial Arts School reflects the charm of traditional Chinese martial arts culture while contributes to the diversity of Yangshou tourism and boosts nationwide fitness.

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