Mount Qiyun

Located in Xiuning County, Qiyun Mountain faces the Yellow Mountain in the south. It is a national key scenic and historic interest zone, a national forest and a national geological park. Its highest peak, Longya, “penetrate the sky, and is as high as the clouds”, hence the name Qiyun (meaning it is as high as the clouds) Mountain. According to historical records, the top of the mountain was always enveloped in white clouds, so it was also known as the White Mountain. Covering an area of 110 square kilometers, the Qiyun Mountain Scenic Area mainly consists of three parts: Yuehua Street, Yunyanhu Lake and Loushanglou Building. It is famous for its steep mountain, clear waters, oddly shaped stones and tranquil caves. There are 36 steep peaks, 44 oddly shaped rocks, 18 tranquil caves, 27 waterfall caves of springs, 14 pools, 16 pavilions and terraces, 537 inscriptions and stone tablets, 3 decorated stone archways, 5 stone bridges and 33 temples and nunneries. It is a mountainous scenic area with the characteristics of Taoism and Buddhism blend with each other.

Qiyun Mountain in Huangshan

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