Useful Information for Xiamen Visitors


The procedures for tourists to apply for visiting Xiamen are very simple. Xiamen can grant "special economic zone travel visa" to aliens and entry/exit permits to Taiwan compatriots on their arrivals in Xiamen. When you arrive at Xiamen International Airport or Xiamen Harbor Passenger Station. you should till in the "Entry Registration Card." show your valid certificates to the frontier inspection station and go through the procedures at the customhouse. Tourists to leave China need to go through the exit procedures at Xiamen International Airport or Xiamen Harbor Passenger Station one hour in advance, which include

showing your passport, certificates, the certificate for the permitted stay period and the exit checked seal to the frontier inspection station, and filling the "Luggage Declaration Form."


The Xiamen Customhouse, which is directly under the General Administration for Customs of the State Council, has jurisdiction over the Dongdu, Xiamen Gaoqi Airport, Xiangyu Bonded Zone, Quanzhou, Shishi, Zhangzhou, Dongshan, Longyan and Xiaocuo customhouses, and four agencies. namely, Haicang, Gaoqi, Tong'an and the post office agencies. Tourists may choose the closest one to handle relevant business.


The currency used in Xiamen is Rennllnbi. Tourists can exchange foreign currencies at banks and starrated hotels according to the exchange rate issued by the People's Bank of China on the very day. It is advisable to keep your exchange receipts so that you can change any leftover Chinese money back into your own currency when you leave China on the strength of your passport and exchange receipts.

Xiamen's financial industry is advanced. Xiamen has not only the state-owned commercial banks and the joint venture "Xiamen International Bank." but also the agencies of many world-famous banks, such as the Chiyu Bank Ltd. Hong Kong, Bank of East Asia Hong Kong, HSBC Bank UK. UOB Singapore, Bank of the Orient USA, Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd. of Singapore. Standard Chartered Bank Ltd. of the USA, Credit Loynnais France, ING Bank NV. Hang Seng Bank Hong Kong. CitiBank USA, and DaiIchi Kangyo Bank of Japan.

Power Supply

The voltage in Xiamen is 220V. 50Hz. Most star-rated hotels provide the socket of 110 V, 60 Hz or transformer plugs for guests.


Local people in Xiamen speak the Minnan (South Fujian) dialect, but they can speak pornoghua (Mandarin Chinese). English speaking guides are available at some tourist attractions. Tourists can consult with the travel agency to ask for a guide speaking local dialect, putonghua or English according to their own needs.

Working Hours

Different organizations and enterprises adopt different working hours. The Chinese people work five days a week, from Monday to Friday.

The working hours of government offices:

Morning: 08:00-12:00

Afternoon: 15:00-18:00 in summer

 14:30-17:30 in winter

The working hours of public services:

Banks: 08:00-18:00

Department stores: 09:00-21:30 Co

Tourist attractions: 08:00-19:00

Post offices: 08:00-19:30

Legal Holidays

Legal holidays in China are as follows:

the New Year (January 1), one day off;

the Spring Festival (New Year by the lunar calendar), 7 days off from the first day to the 7th day of the first lunar month;

International Women's Day (March 8);

International Labor Day (May 1), 3 days off;

the National Day (October 1 ), 7 days off.

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