Xiamen Leisure and Entertainment

Like an intoxicating seaside pearl, Xiamen, also known as Egret Island, features light and gentle sea waves, tripping sailing boats, melodious music, flying egrets, and lovers strolling in the paths hand in hand in the sunset, presenting a romantic picture. In addition, Xiamen is also known for its modern life full of vitality, leisure and recreation. A trip to Xiamen will make every tourist feel happy and satisfied. Xiamen has various types of leisure and recreational forms, each having unique characteristics. Some local operas have a history of over 100 years, such as Gezai, Nanyin and Gaojia operas, showing distinct local characteristics and the unique glamour of South Fujian culture. Tourists can watch local operas at the People's Theater. Xiamen is one of the origins of gongfu tea (a special way of preparing tea), with a strong tea culture atmosphere. Inviting a few friends to a teahouse to drink tea while appreciating the fascinating scenery on the island is a wonderful experience. The Bar Street on Binglang Road gathers a large number of bars, which are often crowded with customers. Drink-ing a cup of wine at a bar after a day trip will make tourists feel relaxed and carefree. The excellent natural environment makes Xiamen become a golf amusement park for domestic and foreign tourists in winter; and those who are keen on having a soaking bath in the hot spring will enjoy themselves to their heart's content in Xiamen as the city has the best hot springs and the most pleasant environment. Xiamen's rich and varied leisure and recreational life will make tourists enjoy themselves so much as to forget to go home.

Cultural Performances 

□Gulangyu Concert Hall

Constructed in 1987, the Gulanyu Concert Hall owns the first-class sound equipment in China. Some international cultural and art exchange performances. and many individual concerts of the pianists from Japan, the United States, France, Italy, Australia and New Zealand were held here.

Add: 1 Huangyan Road, Gulangyu Island

Tel: 86-592-2066730

□Philharmonic Orchestra

Founded in 1998, the Xiamen

Philharmonic Orchestra holds the "Weekend Symphony" Concert from 19:30 to 21:30 every Friday at the Philharmonic Hall. Since November 1999 when the first "China Soul" concert was held, it has become an annual concert. The Philharmonic Orchestra has entered the daily life of the Xiamen people and has become an indispensable part of the locals' life.

The Philharmonic Orchestra is now working hard to turn itself into a national first-class symphony orchestra in China, and is displaying itself to the world with its practice and vitality. In the spring of 2001. the Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra won the gold medal of the first "Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music," adding a beautiful exotic flower to the development of China's national symphony.

Add: Philharmonic Hall on Music Island, 67 Wenyuan Road

Tel: 86-592-2072135

□People's Theater: Dancing Xiamen, the Special South Fujian Culture and Tourism Performance

Dancing Xiamen, a theatrical performance meticulously created by the Xiamen People's Theater to display the culture of South Fujian, is shown for local citizens and domestic and foreign tourists in the People's Theater at 19:45 every evening, including Gezai. Nanyin and Gaojia operas, some highlights from operas, folk arts of South Fujian and the fashion show of the ethnic minority people in Fujian Province. Local culture with the features of South Fujian is attracting more and more Chinese and foreign tourists with each passing day. Audiences go to the theater out of admiration and return with happiness.

Add: 217 Zhongshan Road        Tel: 86-592-2118768


It is well known that people in Xiamen are fond of tea. When entering the local famous teahouses, tourists can truly feel the extensive and profound tea culture of Xiamen.

□ Ancient Road Teahouse West Hexiang Road Branch

Add: 221 West Hexiang Road

Tel:  86-592-2-107201

□Tianbao Building Branch

Add:  3/F, H Building, Tianbao Building. 335 Jiahe Road

Tel:  86-592-5158577

□ Lianyue Road Branch

Add: 41 Laanvue Road, Tel: 86-592-5204177

□Huawen Lifang Teahouse

Add: 1/F. Activity Center for the Elder, 17-19 Huyuan Road

Tel: 86-592-2028761

□ Old Town Teahouse

Add: 2/F. Jinxiang Building. East Hexiang Road

Tel: 86-592-5806375

Bars and Cafes

□Bar Street

On Binglang Road by Yundang Lake stand several dozens of bars, each having its own unique style to meet the demands of different consumers.

Add: Binlang Road

□ Old Forest Custom Bar

Add: 11F. 28 East Hexiang Road Tel: 86-592-5057498

□ UBC Coffee

Add: I/F. Haiyanghuayuan, 390 South Siming Road

Tel: 86-592-2575359

□ Xiamen Rural Train Bar

Add: Beside UBC Coffee Shop, Fujin Street, South Hubin Road

Tel: 86-592-2191169

□ Refined Taste Cafe

Add: I/F. Rongbin Building, Xianyue Road

Tel: 86-5 92-50756 1 2

Cinemas and Theaters

During a trip to Xiamen. watching a movie is a good choice for tourists in the evening. Most of the cinemas  of Xiamen have been renovated. With high-quality equipment and a graceful and comfortable environment, the cinemas will make audiences have an audio-video enjoyment while watching films, such as Titanic and Hero.

□Kaiming Film City

Add: 69 North Jiangtou Road Tel: 86-592-5 5 1 79 1 8

□Siming Cinema

Add: 2-14 North Siming Road Tel: 86-592-2132873

□ Xiamen Song and Dance Theater

Add: 12-2 West Gongyuan Road Tel: 86-592-2022405

Health-building and Fitness Centers

The local people of Xiamen know well how to keep fit and enjoy life. which is proved by the rising health-building industry. Xiamen has bowling alleys, health-building clubs, foot care and sauna centers and swimming pools. which are the best places for tourists to get rid of fatigue and feel relaxed.

□ Hilford Water Center

Add: 495 South Siming Road (about 10 meters from the Museum Bus Station and beside the web bar on Hali Road)

Tel: 86-592-2091111

□ Yatelanda Running Water Hall Add: 89 Middle Hubin Road

Tel: 86-592-2223930

Web: www.yatelanda.com

□Huayi Bowling Alley

Add: Sports Center, North Hubin Road Tel: 86-592-5121999

□Huoli Tiandi Health-Building Club Co., Ltd

Add: 3/F. 66 Wenvuan Road Tel: 86-i92-212336

□ Lijing Sauna

Add: 128 Dongdu Road Tel: 86-592-6016227

□Easy Life Associate Co., Ltd. Add: 16 Zengcuo'an

Tel: 86-592-2090677

□Quanshun Guo Yi Tang

Add: I/F-3/F. the Yilu Buildin, Xiahe Road

Tel: 68-592-5503030

□ Xiamen Hua Yi Tang Add: 59 South Huhin Road Tel: 86-592-2210888

□ Hanfu Foot Care Service Co., Ltd Add: 3/F. Tianhao Building, 335 Jiahe Road

Tel: 86-592-5338026

□ Yongkang Foot Care Company

Add: In the Gulong Mall. West Hexiang


Tel : 86-592-2226918

□Xiangwan Foot Care Leisure Center

Add: 2/F. Huihao Center. i%Ieihu Road

Tel: 86-592-2226055

□Fuyuan Hall

Add: 2/F. Triumph Plaza, 61-67

Jinbang Road

Tel: 86-592-588333-11

□ Zhenyuan Hall

Add: A Building. Xinli Building. 262

Luling Road

Tel: 86-592-5518383

Recreational Centers

□Jinkaiyue Recreation City

Add:l/F-3/F. Bilida Building,  22

Luling Road

Tel: 86-592-5591888

□ Kangkang Liuding

Add: I/F-3/F.  293 Baoda Building.

Jiahe Road

Tel:  86-592-5155666

□Baolong Recreation City

Add: 2/F. Baolong Center, Jiahe Road

Tel: 86-592-5122222

□ Star Boulevard Culture & Recreation

Add:3/F. Jinxiang Building, 28 East

Hexiang Road

Tel: 86-592-5897777

□ Singing Merrily KTV

Add: 3/F. Wenzhao Dihao Building

Tel: 86-592-2967777

□Flower Like Years Night Club

Add: 1 /F-5/F, the South Lake Bright Pearl, 293-299 East Hubin Road

Tel: 86-592-5065333/5065222

□Beauties of Our Time Nightclub

Add: 29 Houjiangdai Road

Tel:  86-592-2203888

□ Colorful City KTV

Add: Yongsheng Park.  108  Songhai


Tel: 86-592-5066777

□Success Recreation

Add: 59 Middle Hubin Road

Tel:  86-592-2218882

□Youfu Castle

Add: F Section, Weiduoli Club. Egret Islet

Tel: 86-5 92-5 1 295 1 8

□ New Noah's Ark

Add: I/F-3/F. A Section of Swan Plaza, Egret Islet

Tel: 86-592-5311 105

Leisure and Holiday Resorts

□ Riyuegu Hot Springs Holiday Resort

Add: Tang'an, Dongfu Town

Tel: 85-592-6312222

□ Shanhailian SPA

Add: At the foot of Xitou Hill, Huanecuo Seaside. Round-the-Islet Road

Tel: 86-592-388607W881003

□Orient Xiamen Golf Country Club

Add: Haicang Investment Development Zone

Tel: 86-592-5093336/6531316

□Kaikou Golf Club

Add: Tongji Trunk Road. Fujian-Xiamen Hiehwav, Tong'an District


□ Bright Moon Leisure and Holiday Club

Add: 3 Zhangzhou Road. Gulang Islet

Tel: 86-592-2069730

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