Black Dragon Pool Park

The Black Dragon Pool Park, also known as Jade Spring Park, located at the foot of Xiangshan Mountain (Elephant Mountain) in the North of Lijiang Old Town. The Black Dragon Pool was founded in the second years of Emperor Qianlong (1737) and rebuilt both in the sixth years of Emperor Qianlong (1735 --- 1795) and the eighteen years of Emperor Guangxu(1875-1908).

The Black Dragon Pool Park features its ancient buildings, such as Black Dragon Pool dragon shrines, Deyue Tower, Lock Emerald Bridge, Jade Emperor Pavilion, Wufeng Tower, Guangbi Tower (formerly Ming Government Office) Ting Li Pavilion (Qing Dynasty), Yiwen Pavilion and so on.

 In Yuquan East River, there are ancient stone, with a high historical value. In addition, there are Lijiang Dongba Cultural Research Institute and Dongba Culture Museum in Black Dragon Pool Park. This is the first county Museum in Yunnan. The museum is not only one of the important windows which open the heritage of Lijiang Old Town to the World, but also the best place for visitors to understand ethnic culture of Lijiang.

The Black Dragon Pool Park is one of the best places to see the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain from afar. If you take pictures in the park, it offers the beautiful background of the mountain, water and ancient buildings.

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