Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake is located between Yunnan's Ninglang County and Sichuan's Yanyuan County, with an area of over 50 square kilometers and at an altitude of 2,685 meters counting from the surface of the water. Therefore it is the lake with the highest altitude in the province. It is a fresh water lake with an average depth of 40 meters and the maximum of 93.5 meters.

Lugu Lake is known as the "pearl of the plateau". There are five islands, three peninsulas and a seawall link island in the lake. The islands are of various shapes and as green as jade.

Lugu Lake, Lijiang, China

The main residence on the banks of Lugu Lake is Mosuo, which family members are matriarchal clan with unique marriage and customs. Here, everything is so magical and so simple. Every ritual, every custom is a beautiful and moving story and a gifted beautiful pastoral. All of them are full of mystery, romance, poetry and artistic inspiration, thus giving people an unlimited imagination.

Lugu Lake is not only a daughter country, but also a dance kingdom. In this fertile land, people's food and culture is thick features with nature and simple. The cuisine here is delicious and distinctive. Gorm Goddess Mountain is Small Luoshui Village, it is the last village in the area of Lugu Lake, and the boundary line of Yunnan and Sichuan is in the entrance to the village. Small Luoshui Village is one of the oldest villages of the Mosuo tribe that has completely preserved. It is the Mosuo tribe is one of the oldest villages, has preserved intact. The ancient residential building, and the original ecological Mosuo folk customs, which make it be a style base for visitors and scholars to experience Mosuo.

Lugu Lake, Lijiang, Yunnan

Lugu Lake integrates the natural landscape with cultural landscape; especially the unique cultural and ethnic customs of Mosuo people make the lake more unique and rich in content. Now, there are a lot of tourists attracting here per annum and being impressed by the charm of the Lake.

The Walking Marriage Bridge in Lugu Lake Lijiang

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