Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain or Yulong Snow Mountain is a national-level scenic area, which located 25 kilometers north of the Lijiang Old Town. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the southern section of the Hengduan Mountains. It has 13 peaks, stretching 35 kilometers from north to south and with a width of 20 kilometers. Fan Peak (Shanzidou in Chinese), the main peak of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, is about 5,596 meters above sea level.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Lijiang China

Looking from Lijiang Old Town, the snow-covered and fog-enlaced mountain resembles a jade dragon laying in the clouds, hence, giving the name of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. There are three cable car lines in the mountain, the fist is to the Glacier Park (4,500m), the second is to Spruce Meadow (3,200 m), and the third is to Yak Meadow (3,700m).

The Whole Jade Dragon Snow Mountain set subtropical, temperate and boreal natural landscape in one constitutes a unique landscape of “Spring Snow". After rain and snow, the pine exceptionally green while snow exceptionally white, they shaded by each other and like in hide and seek.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain China

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a sacred mountain in Nakhi (Naxi) people and Lijiang various ethnic’s eyes, the protection God of the Nakhi is the incarnation of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The snow sea in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a large area of excellent natural ski slopes. According to experts’ investigation and evaluation that there is the world's longest ski slope, and also the warmest ski slopes.

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April, May, November, December, January and February

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