Wen Lake

Wen Lake is located in the north of the ancient city of Lijiang; it is 23 km away from the city. Wen Lake is situated in Wenhai Village which belongs to Baisha Town of Yulong County. At an elevation of 3,258 metresl, it is a typical mountain area alpine meadow.

Wen Lake is a seasonal alpine lakes and wetlands. When the rainy season comes in July and August each year, the water on the lake starts to rise. October is the wet period of Wen Lake. Then, in the winter, the water level down again and then slowly dried up, then the basin restores prairie. Annually in November and January, many species of birds will migrate from Siberia and Qinghai Lake to Wen Lake, which is a perfect time for birding.

In the foothills which periphery of the meadow, there are residential areas littered with dozens of households. This is the Wenhai Village. Whenever the dry season, the villagers graze in the meadow. At this time, you can see the landscape of Cattle and sheep flocks.

Wen Lake once as an ancient commercial corridor originated in the Ming Dynasty and was part of the "Southern silk Road" and the well- known Tea-Horse Road, the Tea and Horse Caravan traversed between Yunnan and Tibet must go through the Wen Lake area.

Wen Lake areas’ villagers are Naxi (Nakhi), who is honest, shy, and live a calm and natural life. There is pristine landscape and natural beauty, with changing season’s colorful meadow, flocks of horses and sheep, the patchwork of old houses as well as spring’s rosé , summer’ gorgeous flowers, autumn's golden woods and winter’s snow.

Hiking or Horse Riding to Wen Lake

Wen Lake is a paradise for photographing in spring. it takes about 2.5 hours to hike there and about 40 minutes to riding there from Yufeng Temple.

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