Ancient Huizhou City

Situated in Shexian County, the ancient town of Huizhou is the major part of the scenic area of Shexian County, as well as an important component part of the tourism resources in Huangshan. The seven famous scenic spots in Huizhou are the Huiyuan Garden, ancient Yuliang Port, Xuguo Stone Memorial Archways, Doushan Street, Memorial Hall of Tao Xinzhi (1891 – 1946, a great educator in modern China), Xin’an Stele Garden and Taibai Building, each displaying different connotations of the ancient Huizhou culture. Of these, the ancient Yuliang Port was the cradle of the Huizhou merchants, who dominated Chinese business for some 300 years from the Ming Dyansty (1368 – 1644) to the Qing Dynasty (1616 – 1911). The Xuguo Stone Memorial Archway has four connected archways support5ed by eight stone pillars with delicate carvings, a unique expel of its style. Doushan Street is an integration of ancient residences of Huizhou merchants, streets, sculptures, wells and arches. The Huiyuan Garden combines the “there wonders” of the ancient time – the memorial archways, old residential houses and ancestral temples of the Song Dynasty (960 -1279), and the “three carvings” of Huizhou – brick carving, wood carving and stone carving.

Ancient Huizhou City Huangshan

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