Huashan Mysterious Grottos

Huashan (flower mountain) Mysterious Grottos, located in the suburb of Huangshan City, is 12-km away from the downtown. The grottos, scattering among the green hills along Xin’an River, is known for its natural environment and cultural heritage. A total of 36 grottos in different size is the highlight of the scenic area. The greatest scale and coverage as well as its unknown history make Huashan Mysterious Grottos an unique attraction in China. No one knows when they were made, where the rocks went or why there are no records of such a huge man-made project. The mystery has triggered historian’s concern and travelers’ curiosity to unveil the history. On May 20, 2001, the grottos were named as Huashan Mysterious Grottos by Ex-President, Jiang Zeming. In addition, Huashan Lake has been newly developed with waterfalls and rare waterfowls in the scenic area. No.24 grottos, riverbank plank roads and an European style tea house are opened to accommodate more and more travelers. The area has been developed as an attractive destination for leisure activities and adventure travel.

Huashan Mysterious Grottos, Huangshan China

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