Cheng Dawei Abacus Museum

Cheng Dawei (1533–1606) was a great master of ancient abacus in Ming Dynasty. He published "General Guide to Calculation" and "Strategic Keynotes to Calculation". The museum consists of the Residential Area, Family Shrine House and Abacus Exhibition Room. The two-storied building facing the south is brick-woos structured with binary courtyards. The five-room Ancestor Shrine House lies on the western side of the mansion. The traditional winding corridor, lawns and flower nursery look graceful and elegant. A portrait of Cheng Dawei is hung on the wall of the Abacus Exhibition Hall. There are more than 1,000 abacuses and 3,000 copies of related materials displayed in the showcases. These abacuses are made of gold, silver, ivory, jade, stone, hard wood respectively with different shapes.

Cheng Dawei Abacus Museum Huangshan China

 Cheng Dawei Abacus Museum not only has high historical values but also is an academic center for researching and learning Abacus Science. 

Cheng Dawei Abacus Museum

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