Valley of Wild Monkeys at Huangshan

Located in the southwest of the Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) Scenic Area, the Monkey valley is just outside of the entrance of the Yellow Mountain. The valley is home to groups of Huangshan Tibetan monkeys which have been identified as a particular species by international zoologist circle, and given high priority by the Chinese Central Government according to wild animals’ protection laws. In addition, the valley of Wild Monkeys has been identified a “gene pool” as it is full of a variety of rare fowls, extraordinary animal’s species and various forms of vegetations. On two occasions UNESCO officials came for the purpose of investigation and collecting relevant samples of certain flora, fauna. Furthermore, the valley has become a research base fro Chinese, Japanese and American scientists to conduct joint exploring program on Tibetan monkeys. Photographers from CCTV and the Japanese NHK and TBS videoed many animal-related programs in the valley. The valley is used as a research base for spreading scientific knowledge among primary and middle school students by the local government.

Huangshan Wild Monkeys Valley

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