Xizhou Old Town

Xizhou, also known as Xizhou Village, or Xizhou Old Town, historically is an essential place for military affairs during the period of Nanzhao Kingdom (AD738 – AD 937). Its industrial and commercial business was under well development; was one of the most important trading centers in Yunnan.

Xizhou Old Town

Aside from Dali, boasting the most densely distributed Bai Residences, Xizhou is another great place to observe the typical Bai Minority folk culture and architecture and is honored as "the Museum of Bai Architecture". A characteristic Bai courtyard residence consists of rooms on three sides and a decorative screen wall on the south direction. These residences generally have carved beams, turned up eaves, with the splendid of their green, gold, blue and white paint.

Xizhou is also famous for embroidery and Tie-dyeing which can be used to make and decorate shoes, hats, clothing, tablecloths, tapestries and bed sheets. Have a walk in the Xizhou market, this bustling area show people all kinds of product from groceries and daily commodities to handicrafts etc. And, the traditional dressing of Bai minority women is most attracting.

XizhouTown dali china

In Xizhou Ancient Town, there is a famous Yan Family Courtyard; it is an imposing dwelling and spacious courtyards surrounded by flowers and bonsai, with elegant and chic environment. Despite years of washing, the red lacquer doors and windows, marble carved white fence still not miss the year's elegance.

Family Yan's Courtyard has a small auditorium with about two hundred seats, primarily for three tea performances, and for some other custom show. Bai is a hospitable nation, with "Bai Three Course Tea" toast to the guests, which is a noble manner. “A bitter, two sweet, three aftertastes”, which meaning the history and the true meaning of life. “Bai Three Course Tea “is to make people appreciate the effort of the whole process of life ---- "who endure to be guided."

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 Because of the differences of natural environment, historical and cultural backgrounds and aesthetic taste, Xizhou Bai Nationality residence has its own distinct style and character. In 1987, Xizhou was announced by the Yunnan Provincial People's Government for the third key cultural relics protection units, and in 2001, it was published as a national key cultural relics protection units.

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