Cangshan Mountain

Magnificent Mount Cangshan runs through Dali territory, with snowcapped hilltop, dressed in white, which forms the famous "Cangshan Mountain Snow", which can make a comparison with the Alps.

Cangshan Mountain Dali China

 There are 19 Peaks in Cangshan, each peak is more than 3500 m above the sea level, and the highest peak, Ma Long Peak, is up to 4122 m. There are also 18 creeks in Cangshan, they are clear and bright, which converging to a pool never dried up water--Erhai Lake. Cangshan cloud changing thousands, of which the most famous is the "Wang Fu Clouds" and "Jade Belt Clouds."

cable cars in mt. Cangshan dali

 Cangshan Mountain is an ideal scenic spots in Dali, which are reputed as the "Snow-covered Cangshan Mountains and Jade-Green Erhai Lake". Cangshan Mountain stands erect like a huge screen. Its snowcapped pinnacles and the streams in between under fleecy clouds make a beautiful picture.

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