Xiaguan Hot Springs

Xiaguan Hot Springs located at Dali Xiaguan 3 km west of West Er River Canyon, formerly known as Dali "De Sheng Guan", also known as "Tang Zi Pu".

The hot spring water gushes from crack in rock, with the flow of 200 tons per day. The water temperature is 76 ℃, contains more than ten kinds of minerals. There is good water quality, can smooth skin after bath, and have a certain effect on skin diseases and rheumatism.

In the courtyard, there are marble pavilions with veranda, flowers and trees. The season floral, elegant environment and pleasant scenery make Xiaguan Hot Springs be a great place to people convalescent leave.

Dali Xiaguan Hot Springs











Best time to visit

Annually 3 to 4 months is optimum time to visit.


Take bus from Dali Bus Passenger Transportation Center and about 30 minutes can arrive at Xiaguan Hot Spring.

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