Yuzi Paradise

If the mountain and water in Guilin is the great art made by nature, then surely the Yuzi Paradise between Guiin and Yangshuo is a park of statuary art made by men. The park provides people a good opportunity to get close to modern art and experience its creation.

Located in Yanshan District of Guilin, about 30 kilometers from the centre of Guilin, Yuzi Paradise is a large-scale art park of modern sculptural arts and grotto arts.

In the park, eminent artists from all over the world have been invited to establish a distinctive art paradise where eastern and western cultures co-exist in harmony. Since 1997, Yuzi Paradise has successfully held the International Workshop of Sculpture Creation for eight times. Yuzi Paradise has invited 114 artists come from 25 countries and created 115 pieces of different style outdoor work. They try to put China at the forefront of contemporary art and sequentially achieve the glorious renaissance of oriental civilization.

Guilin Yuzi Paradise

The theme of construction is to make the International Sculpture Park as the main body, and including: Historical Grotto, Art Museum, Sculpture Gallery, Painting Gallery, Handicraft Gallery, Art Village, Spirit Promotion Centre,  International Exchange Centre, Vacation Village, Artists' Creation Workshop, Artists' Activity Centre, Artists' Guest House, various artists' creation studios and man-made lakes.

Yuzi Paradise was built in 1996 and sponsored by a Taiwanese entrepreneur, Rhy-Chang Tsao. The main goal of Yuzi Paradise is to build a living museum and pass down the best cultural legacy of contemporary art to descendents. And the ideal of Yuzi Paradise is to conserve nature and create culture, and try to achieve a perfect combination of nature and culture, to build a fairyland on earth for all humanity.

Yuzi Paradise Guilin

The overall construction of Guilin Yuzi Paradise is predicted to be 30 years and divided into 2 phases. The first phase is programmed as a 10-year project based on the existed geographical features. It takes the International Sculpture Park as the main body, surrounded by living & working area, art village, art salon, teaching & demonstrating are, open air theater and spiritual center. It covers a land area over 1 acre with construction items including Smile Plaza,  Founder Memorial, Art Canteen, Holiday Center, Creation Center, Administration Building, Sundance Lakes, Cafe Forest, Water of Fantasy, Land Art Labyrinth, Lake of Regrets, World Flower Corridor and etc..

Yuzi Paradise Guilin China

The second phase will focus on the cavern art project, which is the most distinguishing feature in Guilin Yuzi Paradise. Guilin is famous for its picturesque scenery of clean water, beautiful mountains and caverns and rocks. Guilin Yuzi Paradise wishes to endow the unique natural landscape with cultural elements by art creation, so as to establish an immortal cultural and historical heritage for the world. The cavern art project is scheduled as three parts: historical caves, art caves and cavern art museum. The historical caves will be built in the mountains and extending for 1,500 meters. In the caves there will be permanent wall decorations and relives, with the main theme of contemporary cultural and civilization. In the art caves eminent artists of individuality and originality will be invited to perform thematic creation. The cavern art museum takes advantage of natural cave structure instead of traditional artificial architecture structure. This project will present the diversity and general trend of contemporary art and pass down to the later generations by the everlasting caves. This great and arduous project is to be completed in 20 years.

Yuzi Paradise in Guilin

Yuzi Paradise is a world's top production workshop and holiday resort because of its beautiful natural scenery and unique atmosphere of art. In 2003, Yuzi Paradise was classified as an AAAA scenic area by the China National Tourism Administration. In 2004, Yuzi Paradise was awarded the name of "the example base of national culture industry" by Ministry of Culture. Undoubtedly, Yuzi Paradise is an excellence place to visit when you come to Guilin.

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