Mount Yao

With an elevation of 903.3 meters, Yao Mountain is the highest mountain in Guilin. There are the most abundant karst landforms and the biggest natural reclining Buddha in the world in Yao Mountain. The mountain is known for its changeable and magnificent sceneries of four seasons. In spring azalea flowers are everywhere, in summer the bamboo compete with each other for greenness and in autumn the red maples with falling leaves make the hill appear as though it's afire. The winter's snow on mountains is as transparent as pure crystal.

Mount Yao Guilin

Mount Yao is located in the east of Guilin, about 10 km from the downtown area. In March each year, the whole hill turns into a sea of colorful azaleas. The famous Chinese poet Liu Yazi spoke highly of it. There are several places of interest in Yao Mountain including Yao Temple, White Deer Temple, Jade Breast Pond and Heaven-sent Field. However, the most famous attractions in the area are Tombs of Prince Jingjiang.

At the west hillside of Yao Mountain, about 450 meters high, there Yao Temple was built during the Qin Dynasty (221BC–206BC), which is how the mountain got the name. In front of the Yao Temple is "Heaven-sent field", which was given by 

Emperor Yao according to legend and in this land, crops grow in abundance all the time. The White Deer Temple, a residence of a famous monk in the Tang Dynasty (618–907) is standing at an altitude of 600-700 meters. Around 200 meters above sea level, there Zhusheng Temple was built in the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), also known as Mau Ping Temple. At the summit, you can see a huge natural reclining Buddha, which is the biggest natural reclining Buddha discovered by now. Covering over 100 square meters, Tombs of Prince Jingjiang, the most complete Military Governors Tombs of the Ming Dynasty, is at the foot of Yao Mountain.

Cable Car in Yaoshan Mountain Guilin China

Visitors can easily get to the top of Yao Mountain by the cable car and get bird's-eye views of wonderful peaks and surrounds. The 1,416.18 meter long cable car connects the top and the foot is completed in 1996. The 1,000m sloping track has 18 curves, which enables tourists to travel through mysterious forest.

The toboggan slide, which is stimulating and interesting, was imported from WIGAND Toboggan Co. Germany. It is 1,000m long with 18 turns sliding down from the half way of the mountain. You will have a beautiful view of rocks, flowers and brooks on each side when you down the mountain with the slide.

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