Fubo Hill

Towering beside the western bank of the Li River, Fubo Hill (aka Wave-Subduing Hill) offers a fantastic view of Guilin City. Its name is variously described as being derived from the fact that the peak descends into the Li River, blocking the waves, and from a historical hero called General Fubo in Han Dynasty. At the foot of the hill is Returned Pearl Cave. 

Wave-Subduing Hill

The legend goes that the cave was illuminated by a single pearl and inhabited by a dragon; one day a fisherman stole the pearl, but he was overcome by shame and returned it. Besides, on the cave wall, dozens of Buddha statues and inscriptions were engraved, which can date back to Tang Dynasty 1000 years ago.On the eastern side of the hill are a winding corridor facing the river, a teahouse and a "Listening to the Waves Pavilion" built along the cliff of the hill. 

On the west side, a flight of stone steps leads to the Kuishui Pavilion, which is half way up the hill, then to the top.

Guilin Wave-Subduing Hill

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