Jiaju Tibetan Village

Jiaju Tibetan Village, home to the Gyarong Tibetans, is located in Zhanggu Town, about 8 km away from the county seat of Danba County in eastern Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. Perched at the foot of the Kapama Mountains, it features gorgeous watchtowers and traditional Tibetan fortress-like houses, which constitute remarkable scenery with the natural surroundings. The village was proclaimed as "the most beautiful ethnic town in China" by the Chinese National Geographic in 2005.

Ganzi Jiaju Tibetan Village

Jiaju, means "one hundred households" in Tibetan language. The village has 140 households, hence the name. The villagers today still use primitive materials and technology to build their blockhouses, which perfectly preserve the basic architectural characteristics of the Gyarong Tibetans. The wooden parts and the eaves of the houses are red. And the walls above the second floor are painted white. On the eve of annual Spring Festival, owners of the houses will use a local "white mud" as the main raw material to make the white dye and carefully painting their walls, so that the entire Tibetan village put on white dress. When walking along the twisting mountain road to the sightseeing terrace on the mountain, you will see white and red Tibetan style blockhouses hidden among green trees and colorful flowers. In the village, you can also see many gorgeous watchtowers. Some of them were said to be built in hundreds of years ago for defensive purposes. 

Jiaju Tibetan Village in Winter

Jiaju Tibetan Village is a typical representative amongst all of the Tibetan villages in the Danba Beauty Valley in Danba County. It is a must-see for those who explore western Sichuan. Tourist can experience authentic arcadian life, history, culture, custom and traditions of the mysterious Gyarong Tibetans.

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