Zhonglu Tibetan Village

Zhonglu Tibetan Village, home to 3,600 Tibetans, is located in Danba County, Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. Sitting at the foot of the holy Moerduo Mountain (Moerduo Mountain is one of the four sacred mountains worshipped by Tibetan people) the village is at an elevation of 2,100 meters. "Zhong Lu", literally "the Central Road" in English, and means "the place where both man and God to yearn" in Tibetan. 

Zhonglu Tibetan Village

Zhonglu Tibetan Village features many historical watchtowers and the Tibetan folk houses. All the villagers embrace Tibetan Buddhism. They worship nature and have some interesting totems. If you make a distant view of the village under the clear blue sky, you can see a breathtaking view of the white Tibetan houses and the shinning golden domes of the temples. And if you have a visit in the village, you can experience some traditional things of the Gyarong Tibetans, including the ancient solemn opera, colorful garments, wonderful dance, hot butter tea, highland barley wine, crispy and delicious steamed bun...

Zhonglu Tibetan Village

The best time to visit the village is from March to May when all the pear trees and apple trees are blooming. It is a perfect time for photographing. The entrance ticket of the village is only CNY 10, but if you visit some of the watchtowers, you must pay the owners CNY 2-10. 

Zhonglu Tibetan Village, Danba, Sichuan

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