Xinluhai Lake

Xinluhai Lake, the largest drift dammed lake in China, also called Yilhun Lhatso in Tibetan Language, is located in Dege County, Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. This picturesque glacial lake is at an altitude of 4,040 meter, with an average depth of 10 meters and a maximum depth of 15 meters. 

The Pray Flags and Xinluhai Lake in Dege County

A legend has it that Zhumu, the beloved concubine of the famous hero Gesar in the Tibetan epic "King Gesar", when she travelled alone to the lake she was attracted by the beautiful landscape around the lake. She could not tear herself away from it. So she decided to stay with the lake forever and sunk beneath the lake. In honor of Zhumu, the local Tibetan people named it Yilhun Lhatso. Yilhun means "heart fells for", and Lhatso means "holy lake". 

The Yilhun Lhatso Lake (Xinluhai Lake) in Dege County

Perched at the foot of the snowclad Que'er Mountain (aka Trola Mountain), Xinluhai Lake is brought together by the glaciers and snow melt water. The outflow stream from the lake is one of the headwaters of Cuoqu River. The lake is surrounded by plateau spruce, fir, cypress trees, rhododendron trees and meadows. In a sunny day, it offers a very splendid spectacle: blue sky and white clouds, snow-capped mountains, shining glaciers, luxuriant forests, green meadow, sparkling water, animals, birds and fish. No matter when you go there the attractive scenery will make you linger on and forget to return.

Xinluhai Lake

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